American Pharmacist Association

The American Pharmacist Association approached Willow Tree to help create materials to help pharmacists promote their role as part of a medical team for the consumer and to promote the Association at the conference for the American Pharmacist Month.

Our team at Willow Tree worked with renowned wood working artist Barry Leader to create a human “medicine chest” to display materials for the Association.

The piece was customized and created to be portable and taken around to all conferences and meetings as a mascot of the Association. In addition to the chest, we created 12-page full color booklets and an accompanying poster to teach pharmacists communication goals to describe themselves as part of consumers' health team. The poster was designed to be colorful and to hang in their offices with promotional ideas for each month.

The goal was to give the Association fresh, fun and professional materials to use to build a lasting relationship with their consumers.

In the end, the wood sculpture was as huge hit and became a photo destination for events. The booklets and posters were so popular the Association ordered a rush reprint!

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