Foster Care Recipe for A Happy Childhood

Willow Tree Media worked with the Council Of Governments and Freddie Mac, who funded the foster parent recruitment campaign. Two campaigns were created for the companies.

The first campaign’s materials followed the idea of the family treasure of recipes from generation to generation.

Foster children aren't fortunate enough for this treasure, so a recipe for a happy childhood recruitment campaign was created by Willow Tree.

The “recipes” were created by current foster parents and the laminated “cookbook” was sent to potential foster families.

The hope was that potential families would keep the books and read about the responsibilities and rewards of being a foster parent between the recipe pages.

The warm and inviting recipe book was sent to all potential foster families with an overwhelmingly positive response.

The second campaign was for families that perhaps were not interested in fostering but would potentially help by fostering children for a weekend to give foster parents a break.

The hope was that this experience would lead to consideration later of becoming a foster family.

Willow Tree Media came up with a campaign that made the point that all it takes is one weekend to change the life of a child.

The campaign consisted of brochures, posters, direct mail and radio spots, all created by the Willow Tree team. The request for the weekend program was overwhelming, and was deemed a great success.

• Campaign
• Brochure
• Mailings
• Radio spot
• Poster